Find a Signal in the Noise.

SIFTR™ is an automated but manually validated Open Source Intelligence
(OSINT) platform for identifying publicly-accessible cybersecurity risks.

SIFTR screenshot

Powerful Intelligence

for Better OSINT Security

SIFTR™ uses machine learning algorithms (no, really) to search in deep public places that normal scanners do not reach or recognize. You can access the findings in the portal or use the API to feed the results directly to your analytics platform.


SIFTR™ scans public repositories including GitHub, PacketTotal and our growing database of other risky sites to identify sensitive information such as usernames and passwords, encryption keys, source code, and internal system information which could be used by attackers to target your environment.

Data Breach

SIFTR™ monitors for public data breaches and identifies when your corporate email addresses appear in compromised data sets which may have originated from the dark web.

Phishing Domain

SIFTR™ will monitor public domain registrations to identify potential new phishing domains. The SIFTR™ notification provides detail and context so that you can take actions like blocking domains, initiating a takedown, or notifying customers and employees.


SIFTR™ uses advanced Internet search queries, examines publicly available databases, and manually investigates web pages to profile resources in your Internet-facing perimeter, related subsidiaries and/or approved third-party vendor.

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